Do not miss our Thriller-Dinners that will take place in our Ovaler Saal. You will experience moments of real entertainment by professional actors, while appreciating a fabulous three course meal.

At least twice a year we will create a murderous scenery. A thrilling story will unfold among our tables, involving our guests as spectators or as detectives, to solve the great mystery. The elegant atmosphere, a superior service, the excellent food , will complete an evening rich of emotions and fun.

Jazzkeller Evenings

And speaking of Jazz, don’t forget the appointment with our Jazzkeller Evenings:

  • 06th of October 2017
  • Start at 8.30pm with “Filippa Gojo & Laia Genc”

  • 27th of October 2017
  • Start at 8.30pm with “Daniel Erdmann´s Velvet Revolution”

    Start at 8.30pm with “Eva Kruse – On the Mo”

  • 22nd oc December 2017
  • Start at 8.30pm with “Jazz meets Classic”

You will enjoy some of the best live Jazz & Blues music while sipping a fine beer.

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